Startapp Global has the right to terminate this Agreement and your right to use this service, upon any material breach of terms and conditions by you. You can terminate this agreement by providing 30 (thirty) days written notice to Startapp Global. In the event of termination for any reason Startapp Global shall not be give any refund of the amount paid by you. On termination you shall forthwith Atlanta Falcons authentic jersey return or destroy all data and information and provide written intimation to Startapp Global. ii) You agree that any breach of one or more provisions of this Agreement that threatens to, or causes Startapp Global substantial harm here is a material breach. Furthermore, any breach of the confidentiality, or non-competition provisions by you, or failure to make payments, shall be considered material breaches. Furthermore, any conduct or negligence that adversely affects the business or good will and brand name of Startapp Global will be considered as material breach and Startapp Global at its discretion may terminate this agreement. iii) Upon termination of this agreement, Startapp Global shall retain all proprietary technology and services provided to you, and services wholesale nfl jerseys shall render inoperable. You shall return or destroy all originals and copies of any Confidential Information of the other Party regarding this agreement.

We encourage our clients to download and use sample application from our website which is free to use. Refunds will only be processed if clients ask for refunds within first 30 days of purchase of services, request for refunds will be processed in 30 days of receipt of written request of termination. Refunds is only applicable to subscription fees and no refunds is applicable to one time purchase. Refunds shall also not be applicable to setup fee paid by client. Refunds in taxes will be adjust as per actual.

Refunds shall only apply to half yearly and yearly subscription fee if request for refund is placed in written within 30 days of purchase. For a half year subscription model good knock off nfl jerseys 3/5th subscription fee shall be refunded and for yearly subscription model 2/3rd subscription fee shall be refunded from second month to the last date of subscription service.

Startapp Global shall give an option to the client of full refunds failing to deliver application within deadlines; client has to give in written if he needs a refund. Refunds shall be processed within 30 days of receipt of refund request. Startapp Global would require inputs from the client time to time during development. If client fails to reply within 24 working hours of our written query, duration of delay will automatically push date of delivery to the amount of delay from client side.

Cancellation during pre-order shall attract Payment Gateway integration charges which is 7% of total subscription fee. Refunds shall be processed within 30 days of cancellation request.