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A young startup entering India with one and only vision to digitize shopping store to mobile apps in prices never seen before in the industry and quality which cannot be simply matched. But startappglobal is much more than just a mobile app, it is a sophisticated platform which helps you to increase your sales through its sales automation tools.
Who Should Join Us
No matter what size your business, startappglobal has a solution that’ll help you increase your sales. We cater all industries either you be a restaurant, fashion store, jewellery store, electronics, bakery, flower & decoration, gift shop, grocery store, home decor & furniture, pharmacy, designer store, handicrafts, clubs and bars or any other store!
Total Idea
As India moves towards a digital economy post demonetization, there is a rapid growth of eCommerce transactions. So, our idea is to provide your business with a native eCommerce app. By giving it powerful digital and sales automation tools you can convert your store into a brand and give it global visibility and global sales.

Choose the App, According to your Business

According to statistics, mobile app usage is growing by leaps and bounds every year. So by developing native ecommerce app for your business, you can enable potential customers to have direct access to your business at all time.

About the App:
The Delivery app is designed so that both pick up and delivery orders can be placed and paid through the native eCommerce app, making the process of ordering and paying for food a course that goes down smoothly. No more bungled and missed out orders, manage orders with just few taps and make order management a breeze. The Delivery Experience gives you a powerful POS and especially made tools to make business management easier. Now don’t miss out on orders and sales just because you don’t have an online ordering software, start taking online orders through your own app.
Industries It Cater: Restaurants, Bakeries, Food & Delivery Outlets.
About The App:
The Virtual Waiter app. is designed to facilitate interactions between restaurants and customers by making reservations and food orders on Ipad/ tablets placed upon tables making your cafe visually appealing.You can improve the in— house dining experience for your customers by eliminating order taking by waiters and gives the customers a new experience all together .Virtual Waiter is not just an order taking software but way more than that , the powerful admin panel equips your business to manage daily tasks and get you real—time reports and analytics.
Industries It Cater: Cafes, Bar&Lounges, Restaurants and Dine-in Outlets.
About the App
The Premium Retailer package allows retail business to have a complete online presence. It provides the business with a Native E-commerce Mobile Application through which it can take online orders , accept online payments and much more. It has all the tools from Managing inventory till the accounts management.The Cloud— based POS system helps to integrate the offline and online sales removing the hassle to manage things differently.
Industries It Cater: We cater all industries whether you be a jewellery, watches, eye wear, designer store, clothing or accessories, handicrafts, beauty, groceries, health care etc
For the First Time Ever you can get Native E-commerce mobile app for your business starting at just Rs 2,499 Per Month  .

According to statistics, mobile app usage is growing by leaps
and bounds every year. So by developing native eCommerce app
for your business,you can enable potential customers to have
direct access to your business at all time.

Online Order
Now show the world what you have to offer; your customers can now view your updated catalog and order right through the app. Even if you don't wish to disclose prices, we connect you with interested clients in live chat, negotiate and sell. Its a win-win!
Know Your Customers
The eCommerce insights help you build customer loyalty with details on your buyers behavior. Keeping track of your orders help you maintain wishlist of your customers and eventually help you maintain customer friendly relations.
Start accepting online orders and see your sales run through the roof. Our sophisticated intelligence reports and eCommerce insights, automatically analyze your business and help you increase revenue by upto 200% or even more.
Global Visibility
Sell to customers anywhere in the world. The true potential of selling online is the ability to reach shoppers around the world. The eCommerce mobile app. gives you visibility and reach over the web. Multiply your sales by managing your store from any corner of the world.
Strengthen Brand Value
The native mobile app gives you global platform to sell your goods and services and thus gives your store a brand value. You can also customize your store's look and feel. With your native app. you are not like everyone else, optimize your own beautiful, intuitive eCommerce app. that enhance your brand and engage shoppers.
Smart POS
Our smart POS gives you complete control of your business. It works redundantly on offline and online mode, you can fulfill over-the-counter orders even if connectivity is lost, all your orders get synced once connectivity is achieved.
24*7 Business
Your app accepts orders all through the day and even at night; you can fulfill these orders at your own comfort. Your app. works even while you are asleep!
Manage from anywhere, everywhere!
Stay in loop away from your desk. See all of your sales and visitors traffic to your online store and gain valuable insight into your business. Take your workplace along with you, operate your native eCommerce app. on desktop or on
Analyze Your Business:
Optimize your business with eCommerce analytics and reports. We give you a consolidate review of all your orders, visits, conversion rates and more. Quickly see what's working and what's not, then drill down to solve problems.
Push Notifications
Now, send your customers push notifications regarding coupon codes and discounts offered without making an effort to ping them on whatsapp or sending them text messages. Keep your customers updated with offers and on going discounts and let them grab their deals and have a content shopping experience.
Keep Customers Coming Back
Smart software to help you gain and retain customers. Product level data on your orders through the admin will help you spot order trends overtime and gauge the impact of promotions, sales, seasonality and other factors on your business. The eCommerce insights also help you build customer loyalty with details on your buyers behavior.
Automatic Invoicing
Keep record of all orders in cloud database, you and your customers will never loose any invoice. With automatic invoicing collaborate all your online and over the counter sales in one directory.
Easy Management Of Multiple Stores
Manage everything you need in one place, all essential tools for work in one integrated suite. On one screen you can have access to all your orders. Fulfill orders with just few taps, making order management a breeze.
Cashless Transaction
Accept payments hassle-free, be a part of digital revolution and start accepting prepaid orders. We let you use the payment solution of your choice with no commission or additional fees, Unlike some eCommerce platforms that may charge big commissions of sales for using a third party payment solution.
Customer Friendly
Engage the right prospects, sell smarter and retain more customers. With Startapp Global your business is prepared for each stage of the customer cycle from providing online portfolios, giving details of products and services offered to hassle-free payment gateways for the convenience of your customers.
Tracking of orders
Your customers can check the status of their shipment without needing to contact you directly. Other features include order confirmation, shipping details and updates on shipped item and delivery status
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Questions & Answers

All your doubts are answered here

We are currently in our per-launch phase, clients shall get their app delivered within 2 months of order date.

You will get a Completely NATIVE APP .

Unlike hybrid app, native app supports best in class security, fast and responsive user interface, ability to support inbuilt device sensors.

Just like a brick and mortar store mobile application has to be marketed to drive traffic. There are a lot of ways by which you can increase visibility of your store, like managing your social account, digital marketing, writing blogs, google/Facebook ad words. I know that can be complex but don’t worry we help you promote your brand on the web. Just get in touch with one of our client happiness officer and he shall help with tools to promote your brand at a nominal cost.

Not every customer who shops in your online store is going to be ready to buy right away. Many a times, sales are slightly more complex and require some conversation or back-and-forth between you and your customer. Sometimes you yourself are not comfortable exposing prices of some of your exclusive products. Now, we’ve made it easier, you just have to add get GET A QUOTE button with all such products and we shall connect you to the customer on live chat. It’s a win-win!

You can select geographical serviceable area from admin panel. You can also decide what area your delivery boys can serve. For regions where your delivery boy can’t deliver, we have tied up with India’s leading courier companies like Delhivery and Bluedart.

We attach India’s most trusted payment gateway PayTM with your customer app which accepts all Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards, major debit cards issued in India, as well as Net Banking payments from major Indian banks for online orders. Apart from this if you allow, your users can choose COD (Cash on Delivery) mode.

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